Discover Odd Mountain

A place both wonderful and strange

Odd Mountain is a modern day imagining of the Victorian era "Cabinet of Curiosities" - or "Wunderkammer" - Wonder Cabinet. These cabinets, or sometimes entire rooms, displayed objects commonly categorised as natural history, geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical artifacts, works of art and antiquities.

Our online store aims to reflect our physical store located in beautiful Leura Mall in the heart of Australia's famous Blue Mountains.

Odd Mountain was born in 2017 out of an idea, a little impulsivity and a lot of hyperfocus. Five years later, the shop has been reinvented and reborn a number of times, while always staying true to the original concept. 2020 saw us relocating right on the verge of a global pandemic, and 2021's lockdown was... difficult to say the least.

In 2022, Odd Mountain is returning to retail trade at last, with a new structure that will allow for an equal focus on the online and in-store experience.

That's me (Meredith), the owner, operator, shopkeeper, website designer, collector, curator, maker, order packer, merchandiser and customer service representative of Odd Mountain.

As a small business limited by the time, energy and capabilities of one person, Odd Mountain may operate a little differently to your average retail or ecommerce business. Shop opening hours are limited so that the quality of your experience as a customer, in-store or online, doesn't have to be.

When I first dreamed up the idea of opening a shop, I knew I wanted to fill it with the kinds of things that make me happy.

What I didn't know was that there were so many others that shared my peculiar tastes! By sharing my passion for Odd Mountain, you've helped me build on my dream.

Outside of the 'cabinet of curiosities' concept, Odd Mountain is not defined by or constrained to any particular theme and is constantly evolving depending on what I find interesting - or how I choose to furnish my cabinet.

I hope you can always find something that makes you happy at Odd Mountain, and with your support, I look forward to continuing the evolution of the Odd Mountain experience and helping you fill your own cabinets with curiosities.